5-Day Marketing Sprint

5 days + 5 handy tools to kickstart your marketing

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5-Day Marketing Sprint

5 daily prompts over 5 days to kickstart your marketing for 2021

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What is it?

5 daily prompts & tools to kickstart your marketing.

This sprint is for small businesses who are ready to work smarter. Instead of worrying about what marketing fad is right for your business, we help you focus on what is essential for creating powerful marketing.
From reels to SEO tactics, influencer campaigns to TikTok and content marketing - the pace of change in digital marketing can be overwhelming, even for those who aren’t wearing a bunch of other hats.
Enter Idiello, your new best friend.
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Who is it for?


Are you a growing marketer? Idiello was designed for marketers ready to take things to the next level. Maybe you’re returning to work after having kids. Maybe you’re the CEO, CFO and business development manager in your little startup of one. 

You might be a recent graduate not quite sure how to put all that theory into practice. Or maybe you’ve been slogging it out all along, but you just feel like you never quite get ahead. 

You're our people.

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Who’s behind Idiello?

Mia Fileman is a marketing strategist with decades of experience in the industry. She’s also a mother and military spouse who knows the reality of juggling business, life and multiple roles. So in 2018, Mia decided to share what she’s learned and help growing marketers like you level-up.

Mia brings more than two decades of experience running marketing campaigns on behalf of business and government. She spent 10 years in Brand Management roles for global companies L’Oreal, BIC and Kraft, among others, before moving to the world of creative agencies as a Director.

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