Do's and Don'ts for marketing during a global pandemic


✔️ You should absolutely be marketing your brand during this time. Your business needs to survive, our economy depends on it. Actively promoting products and services is only a small part of marketing. ⠀

✔️ This may not be the right time to sell your wares but there is still a lot you could (and should) do in order to stay top of mind for when this is all over. Now is the time to think long term and about your brand value.⠀

✔️ There are some businesses that should continue to actively sell products without feeling guilty about it. If you sell education toys, kettle bells, coffee subscriptions and online products, you are offering solutions that people need now. You will still buy a gift for your partner’s birthday or send a present when your friend has a baby for example. If however, your business is a click funnel, MLM outfit then I would argue it’s never a good time to promote your business.⠀

✔️ Pivot. You should try to adapt in order to survive but be careful not to stray too far outside your area of expertise and niche. Before you rush to get online, have a look at the online market for your product or service. If it’s already saturated, you will need to come up with a creative solution to stand out from the rest.⠀



✖️ Clog up inboxes with emails that start with “important message for our valued customers” and go on to say “we use hand sanitiser and clean regularly”. This is stating the obvious and wasting people’s time.⠀

✖️ Come across desperate. I am well aware that these are desperate times and while a few customers may purchase from you out of pity, this is not a winning business strategy.⠀

✖️ Virtue signal. Richard Branson has failed pretty dismally at this by saying that his people come first but then firing a whole bunch of them, despite his considerable personal wealth. There’s a great article about this on SocialMediaToday.⠀

✖️ Ignore it altogether. This is not business as usual.


For more, check out our post stacked with examples of brands who are nailing and failing their marketing during the global pandemic and what you can learn from them.


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