Why You Should Create Evergreen Content

Have you heard this term?

It refers to content that is always relevant, and not immediately dated.

Like evergreen trees which don’t shed their leaves, evergreen content is lasting and sustainable.

It’s therefore quite different from typical content such as:

  • News articles

  • Statistics

  • Facts and figures

  • Seasonal features

  • Current trends/topics

  • Time-specific offers


Examples of evergreen content include:

  • Lists

  • Top tips

  • How-to tutorials

  • Case studies

  • Reviews

  • Videos

Why is it worthwhile? Well, for one thing, search engines freaking love it because it’s always relevant, but it’s also content that has a perpetual life once created.

If you want to see what evergreen content looks like then take a look at our Resource Hub. It is a great example of how to create content that never ages (and you can also snag yourself some freebies while you're there!). 

Image courtesy of @fenton_and_fenton


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