Facebook Group: Idiello Creative Marketing Lab

How to use the group:

We are super proud of the lil’ community we have built over at the Idiello Creative Marketing Lab; Idiello’s private Facebook group. It is FREE to join and is the community for DIY marketing advice and support. 

1. Absorb marketing knowledge.
We share tactics, ideas, inspiration and freebies.

2. Get expert support.
There are three other Idiello team members in the group, including Lana and Mia who are SUPER generous with their advice. If you ask a specific marketing strategy question, we promise to respond with something thoughtful and (hopefully) helpful.

3. Ask questions of the whole group.
Everyone in this group runs their own biz. This includes start-ups, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs and even pro marketers. You should use this as a positive space to collaborate on strategy and idea development for your brand marketing. Get yourself some brainstorm threads flowing!

4. Talk about yourself.
Whilst we don’t necessarily want you to come in and start throwing flyers up all over the feed, we absolutely encourage you to talk to the group about things your brand is up to, marketing promotions you are running, wins and even struggles. Inspire each other and encourage each other!

5. Laughs.
I’m quite the meme curator. Business life is HARD and adding a bit of light to your day is essential. We welcome the lols.

Added benefits:

  • The group is swimming with professional marketers. Around 40% of our customers are professional marketers so you won’t just receive our opinion, you’ll also get the views of other professionals.

  • The group is deliberately small. Mia and Lana respond to every question and that wouldn’t be possible with a huge group. Each member of the group is known and valued, they are not just another user. This is a safe space to have a rant, ask a question (even those you think might be silly) and find your community.

  • We want you to connect with others in the group. This does not mean spamming inboxes but rather, genuine networking. Perhaps your next collaboration partner is in the group. Perhaps it’s a business accountability buddy. Perhaps its a graphic designer that you want to engage for your next project.

What are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing your brainstorm threads soon.

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