Going Native

What the hell does it mean when a brand “goes native”? 🐒

It means they’ve gotten over themselves and realised people don’t actually want to have pushy promos interrupting every news feed, podcast and publication

It means they’ve stripped off the tie and trousers and are running around in their birthday suit, just like the rest of us. Real people saying real things.

It means they’ve decided to build their marketing strategy around giving customers genuinely interesting stuff to see, hear and o; placing their promotional needs second to the needs of their audience.

The Facts

  • Recent studies have shown that customers exposed to native advertising from brands were able to recall that brand 82% of the time. Normal ads had a recall rate of less than 3%

  • People who were exposed to traditional pushy promos were 30% more likely to say they viewed the brand unfavourably than if they’d just never seen the ad at all.

  • Native advertising outperformed standard promotions in 5 out of 5 of the major campaign tests run by the Neilsen Consumer Research team.

If you haven’t already gone native the only reason should be that you’re not really sure how.

Over the last few years we’ve been designing creative ideas as ‘native-first’ for our brands, and we’ve been cooking up a few new ones that we’re excited to share with the Idiello members of the next few months.

Keep it natural folks. 🌱