How do you get Aussies excited about a bunch of grapes?

About the Campaign

Agency: Sweaty Betty PR
Client: Grape Co. Australia

What could you possibly do to get Aussies excited about a bunch of grapes?

Well, firstly, you genetically modify the absolute bejeezus out of them until they now have the exact flavour of cotton candy (and a hint of vanilla). These were immediately a hit over in the US market… but Australia consumers weren’t as used to this kind of sweet, sugary zinger in the fresh fruit aisle. They’d screw up their shnoz and reach for the tried and tested ordinary bunch.

So that brings us to the real tactics:

  1. Give people a chance to get to know the product without risking a trolley full of disappointment.

  2. Make their little taste memorable. I mean, yes, you’re probably not going to forget your first cotton candy grape experience anytime soon, but memorable enough that next time they’re hungry it triggers a vision of one of those big juicy lollies. I mean grapes.

  3. Find a whole bunch of people who are having a good day (you want to be associated with a good mood) but probably a little hot and in need of a refreshing munch. 🍇🍇🍇

    That’s how well known PR agency Sweat Betty PR tackled the launch for Grape Co. Australia. A hot summers day on Bondi Beach, and bunches (pun 😏) of freebies, meant that Aussies were happy to dabble in a new experience then finish the day dreaming of their next Woolies trip.


Image Credit: Social Union