Idiello Original Track

Ok so we know Tay Tay released her surprise new album Folklore the other day, sending fans worldwide into absolute meltdown, but we’ve got some exciting music news of our own. Fresh out of the oven, meet Idiello’s first ever, very own original music track:

Check it out here

Catchy, huh?

Now more than ever, brands are using video and audio mediums, so it makes sense to include music tracks as part of a brand’s overall identity. We needed a jingle as the background track for Idiello’s explainer videos and podcast episodes, and we could have relied on stock libraries filled with on-hold music. But we know just how powerful music can be, and wanted something unique which would become part of the fabric of Idiello.

So how does one commission their own track? It’s not as hard as you might think.

For this one, I paid a local musician in Newcastle, New South Wales, 1000 AUD to create an original piece of music. As part of the brief, I provided him with a Canva presentation on our brand identity, which included things like our company overview, brand values and personality, our tone of voice, our customer profile, plus lots of visual stimulus in the form of our logo, typography, iconography and imagery. I also supplied him with three pieces of music that I liked, and then left him to create his magic.

And what can we say - we’re overjoyed with the result. Just like our logo, visual identity and messaging, this catchy track is now part of our unique brand identity, and is synonymous with our brand.

*Check out our Good Vibrations Campaign Playbook if you'd like to tap into good vibrations with a tailored brand awareness campaign, using targeted audio advertising on music streaming platforms that will connect your brand with the heart of your listeners.

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