I'm just looking for social media content ideas

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I’m “just” looking for social media content ideas.

Not you’re not. You just think you are.

Let me explain…..

Social media is a beast that needs to be fed constantly. So it’s easy to fall into a trap of populating social media content but doing nothing else. After all, that alone is chewing up all your time.

However, if those posts don’t convert you are placing too much emphasis on content for content sake’s and not enough on brand marketing.

When was the last time you set aside time for;





The good news is that going back to marketing fundamentals will produce all the social media content you need. For instance, that talk you decided to give at that women’s networking event is perfect content for your next post. Tease the shite out of that talk!

Easier said than done? Try this out. Put aside 2 hours Sunday or Monday and plan out all your posts for the week. Have them drafted and scheduled.

Now that it’s taken care of, block out chunks in your week to go back to marketing your business.

Also remember: It’s so much better to drop to three posts a week rather than putting all your time and energy into engagement.

Keep your eye on the prize.