"I'm just too busy right now but soon"

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“I need to get through this busy period first”

“I just need to finish this project”

“In a few weeks things will have settled down”

“I will get my eating sorted first and then I’ll start exercising”

“I’m really unfit right now so I’ll try out that class when I’m in better shape”

“My children are going through a tricky phase right now so I just need to get through that first”

Lies, lies, LIES we tell ourselves. Who are we kidding?

After 7 years working for myself, I can tell you there will NEVER BE A BETTER TIME.

As business owner, what happens if you actually find yourself in a lull period? You are flipping stressing and panicking, scrambling to secure new projects, new customers, more work! You are NOT sitting back smelling the roses saying ‘isn’t this nice?’

So with that in mind, let’s agree on what is *legitimately optional* and what’s not.

Here’s my list;


  • Self care: sleep, mediation, exercise (the wellness trifecta)

  • Marketing - unless I don’t really want that business after all?

  • Preparing and eating real food

  • Fun, friendship and intimacy

  • Professional development

  • Creativity and imagination - original ideas win


  • Trying out a ballet class

  • Joining a choir

  • Getting nails done every week

  • Putting back my hair extensions

  • Practice speaking French

  • Making my own pastry

  • Binge watching reality TV or Youtube

  • Mindless social media scrolling

  • Online arguments with lunatics

  • Being hungover

  • Self pity

  • Maintaining one-way friendships

  • Shadow stalking competitors or arch nemesis

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