Major feature release



So things have been a little crazy here of late.

While we’ve been all cool, calm and collected on the surface, behind the scenes it has been all hands on deck. If you’ve ever watched one of those house flipping shows where they’ve got limited time to do the flip, it was exactly like that - but with our platform. 

Along with a MAJOR platform migration, we've just released a whole stack of super flipping cool features and product upgrades. 

Here's a round-up of some of our most groundbreaking new features: 



Tactical Masterclass

These days, marketing courses are a dime a dozen. But courses that actually teach you tactical implementation? The different kinds of marketing strategies? The hands on know-how for developing, designing and launching a campaign? People don't seem to be teaching that kind of stuff.
Say hello to the new Tactical Masterclass range. These are nothing like your average online course. With 10 classes on offer each covering a specific tactic, this is your chance to master your own marketing.

Only a handful of people can take part in a Tactical Masterclass at a time, allowing our expert marketers to provide live classroom sessions, real-time feedback and 1 on 1 mentorshipThe classes focus on the tactical parts of marketing, not just the theory, so you’ll actually learn how to create and implement a campaign from A to Z.

By the end of a 6 week Tactical Masterclass, you will have created your very own marketing campaign ready to roll out and knock the socks off people.





Campaign Playbooks

Our Campaign Store has been around for a while now, but we've recently upgraded these digital guides to make our top-notch creative ideas more accessible and user-friendly than ever before. Now starting at just $39 AUD, every Playbook is repping a cleaner, more minimalist design and comes fitted with killer new features like concept moodboards and creative consideration guides. 





White Label Pitch Decks

With 40% of our customers also being professionals marketers, we had some serious demand for white label campaign tools, and so this baby has been in the works for a while!

Next time you need more than just an idea, you can save precious time and upgrade to a fully customisable version of any Campaign Playbook instead of having to create a client-facing campaign presentation from scratch. Our White Label Pitch Decks have been built by experienced creative strategists using tried-and-tested pitching formulas. 

Designed to be editable from anywhere, anytime, these pitch decks are ready for you to drag-and-drop your branding, customise your theme and fill-in-the-blanks in just a few clicks.




Ambassador Program

We have developed an incredibly supportive community who are constantly telling their friends about Idiello and it makes our hearts sing! We've decided that it's about time we give back to all of our amazing advocates by implementing a proper affiliate program. 

You can now apply to become an Idiello Ambassador and get actual dollarydoos for helping other people discover us. 

As an ambassador you can earn a 20% commission on any sales you generate for Idiello as well as a tonne of extra benefits. Exclusive Q&A marketing sessions, special offers and discounts to join a Tactical Masterclass, the opportunity to be published, support to keep your own marketing on track, plus more.




Your feedback influences how we drive Idiello. Have a product or feature you'd like to see? Tell us all about it here! 



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