Stationery will always be Queen and here's why


Mia and I both cut our teeth working for stationery brands (Mia with BIC France and I with OfficeMax Australia), and other than the approximate thickness of all major paper GSMs, it means we can tell you two things with absolute certainty:

1. If someone asks you to buy bulldog clips they do not mean bulldog clips, they most definitely actually want foldback clips.

And 2. The stationery industry will outlive us all.

You see, as tech and communications gallop arse over elbow into the future, humans are getting further and further apart. What would have been a conversation, hand written note, phone call even email, is now a quickly disappearing Snapchat that simply reads 🍆 ✨?

And so people feel disconnected. And frazzled. And a little emotionally deprived.

Which is when nostalgia kicks in. The brand that sent the hand-penned thank you on a fresh piece of mint card earns your affection over the brand that sent the 12th email follow up. People have taken to adult colouring books to calm the noise. They’ve even started using social media just to watch other people use their stationery; it’s like a cheeky bujo filled wormhole (Bujo = Bullet Journaling. Check your insta).

So you see, the further we drift from the old school, the more we crave it.

Think about that the next time you’re wondering how to make your customers feel warm and gooey.


We actually looked into starting a stationery brand together a few years ago but realised we knew a hell of a lot more about how to market stationery than we did about how to manufacture and distribute it (plus, it’s just not us!).