Why Criticism is The Sh*t

Feedback can be hard to swallow, especially when it’s something you’ve worked really, really hard on.

But honestly? Constructive criticism is The Sh*t. (aka. The Best, aka Game Changing).

When we ran our focus group at the start of the year we had some pretty switched on business owners and marketers participate... And after 6 FULL.ON. months (hello, building a tech platform from scratch, moving interstate, giving birth and moving across the world...😅) they helped us ‘see the forest through the trees’. ⠀

One of the best nuggets of feedback we scored from it was that some of the stuff we put in our Brand Idea Kits is EXACTLY what you need if you’re trying to DIY your marketing in-house... But if you’re a seasoned marketer? You’re chasing different tools to roll out your campaign (especially if it’s for a client). ⠀

So after absorbing how MASSIVE an addition this would be (he was totally right though) we set about making it happen and recently started publishing new, reimagined versions of our creative Idea Kits- specially designed for pro’s and marketers.

The Agency Editions are loaded with more sophisticated insights and tools than Brand Editions. From reference papers (in case you need to pitch the idea to a client) and KPI trackers, through to 3rd party briefs and strategy models. ⠀

We. LOVE. them. I mean, as marketers ourselves, they obviously get us pretty excited…

So a massive thanks to the big boss at @valkyrienewcastle for his wisdom during our pilot program! You’ve helped us improve the IDIELLO platform for so many users. 👏👏👏⠀

💡My point? Don’t be afraid of criticism guys, it could be a game-changer for you.