Working in creative strategy for an agency is heartbreaking.....


Working in creative strategy for an agency is heartbreaking. For starters, it’s not cheap to hire a team to develop campaign concepts for you, so our creative strategy clients were only ever high rollers. We hated that the small brands who really needed a hand with the creative side could never afford it.

Every time we would pour our hearts into ideation for a client pitch, we would end up with 15-20 GOOD ideas buzzing around that we would have to dwindle down to 2-3. The rest would just get left to gather dust on the proverbial ‘cutting room floor’.

And then STILL, out of those 2-3 ideas that we fleshed out and carefully nurtured into full blown campaign concepts only ONE would ever be brought to life!!! ✨

That’s what Mia and I are hoping to change with IDIELLO. Creative strategy shouldn’t be reserved for ballers, and 95% of the ideas that creatives build shouldn’t go unheard and unused. There are plenty of other brands out there who could do with that bit of magic!

So now, we exist to share that creative nectar with all kinds of entrepreneurs, influencers and even other marketing teams. We want to be the industry game changer.