Brand collaboration during a crisis

A toolkit for growing your brand during a pandemic and global recession, using collaboration marketing.


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It’s a wild time for businesses.

Many brands have already felt the weight of the global pandemic, with more industries yet to feel the ripple effects of project cancellations and layoffs. Just to add to the intensity, the situation sparked a 1 in 100 year economic event and potential global recession.

So, this situation has got us (and many others) thinking about how businesses can survive, let alone grow in tough times.

Naturally, we need each other. Businesses need to band together, cross promote, collaborate and tap into collaboration marketing as a strategy, now more than ever.

Why? Because;

  • Banding together is a powerful way to get things done and survive.
  • Collaboration marketing is up to 25x cheaper than digital advertising.
  • Businesses can use collaborations to halve production costs.
  • Platforms like Collabosaurus allow brands to tap into collaboration marketing without the resources or big budget.

Here at Idiello, we offer a big barrel of creative campaign ideas for all kinds of marketing tactics. But, if you’re focused on reducing business overheads and looking for ways to creatively market your business during a tough time, collaboration marketing is hands down the way to go.


To help you master the ‘art of the collab’ during a pandemic and recession, we partnered with the collaboration experts at online matchmaker platform Collabosaurus, to pull together a downloadable toolkit for you.


This freebie comes loaded with advice, inspiration and brainstorming templates to kickstart your next collaboration marketing project.

  • 12 page downloadable PDF
  • Expert advice
  • Actionable ideas
  • Inspiration from other brands
  • Planning templates
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About the contributors


A marketing tool that connects brands for clever collaborations and partnerships.

The world’s most successful brands have tapped into collaboration marketing to reach and engage new audiences. Why is this a really clever tactic? Because brand collaborations are up to 25x less expensive than digital advertising.

Nike, Louis Vuitton, MAC Cosmetics, Glossier, Starbucks, Vogue, The Wing, Bose, Ikea - all of these brands regularly partner up with like-minded businesses for clever cross-promotion. They leverage existing assets, often currencies other than cash, to create cool products, social media or experiential collaborations. 

Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for brands. To date, they have provided clever marketing partnerships for 6,500+ businesses across the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Launched in 2015, Collabosaurus is an end-to-end platform, helping businesses source, secure and leverage B2B collaborations of all sizes.

The matchmaker for business.


A marketing platform that gives you the tools to run your own purpose driven, compelling marketing.

Access to top-tier marketing campaigns has long been reserved for big business, but it’s often the little brands who are stretched too thin that are most in need of support in this area. With Idiello, even the smallest of brands can run purposeful, creative marketing.

Every month, businesses across the USA, Australia and New Zealand harness expertly crafted Campaign Playbooks and Tactical Masterclasses in order to electrify their marketing. 

Learn how to run your own campaigns by joining a Tactical Masterclass and browse our online Campaign Store for off-the-shelf campaign ideas; providing brands with the step-by-step blueprint needed to DIY their project.

Idiello is entirely online. Built by women for small business owners, the platform is fast becoming a go-to resource sitting alongside the likes of Squarespace, Collabosaurus, Canva and MailChimp in a marketer’s DIY toolkit.

Creative marketing made possible.

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