How to use brand collaboration to double your reach


This online Masterclass will teach you how to double your reach and half your costs by tapping into the power of collaborations. No business is too small to collaborate and you will learn that you have far more to offer than the dollars in your bank account.

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Collaboration Marketing
6-weeks online
Starts October 19

The future belongs to those who band together.


From teeny tiny side-hustlers, through to the likes of Barbie and MAC Cosmetics, collaboration marketing has proven to be an unbelievably powerful marketing tool for every brand.

Especially when you consider that:

  • Collaboration marketing is up to 25 times cheaper than digital marketing.

  • Businesses can use collaboration marketing to halve production costs.

  • Collaboration marketing effectively doubles your reach without a big budget.

Over 6 weeks, an expert marketing strategist will teach you the fundamentals of designing and running a successful collaborative campaign; unlocking your value beyond the dollars in your bank account, while also learning the tactical skills required to create something of impact.

Topics covered: collaboration marketing, brand activations, promotions.

Perfect for: all brands, professional marketers.

Masterclass outline

Here's what you will cover during the 6 week Collaboration Marketing masterclass

Masterclass Strategist


Alanah is an accomplished marketing professional. Her 10-year career has spanned a diverse set of industries, including tourism and hospitality, health and fitness, professional services, e-commerce, education, and retail.

Alanah has spearheaded many successful brand partnerships, most recently with the collaboration platform, Collabosaurus.

Alanah will be guiding you through every step of this Tactical Masterclass. Enjoy weekly virtual classroom sessions and tailored 1-on-1 support.

Guest Strategist


The CEO of brand matchmaking platform Collabosaurus, Jess has helped more than 7000 brands run powerful marketing collabs. For Jess, a verified collaboration marketing expert, business collaborations are necessary to build a modern business, gain exposure in new locations and reach audiences in an authentic way.

Here at Idiello we practice what we preach, which is why we have collaborated with Jess in The Brand Matchmaker Series which includes resources to help brands pull off successful collabs that are win-win.

This Tactical Masterclass will teach you how to run your own collaboration marketing campaign by the best in the business.

Idiello and Collabosaurus have collaborated on several Campaign Playbooks available through the Idiello Campaign Store.

Interactive Learning

Develop marketing knowledge and tactical skills through virtual classroom sessions led by your strategist, supported by a suite of tailored resources.

Social learning
Everything is better when shared. Participate in live, weekly classroom sessions alongside a handful of other students. Solve challenges together with peer discussions led by your strategist and make valuable new business connections.

Class materials
Each week, your strategist will add to your workbook with session specific materials. Yours for life, the workbooks will be full of step-by-step guides, insights and activities, along with a variety of interactive resources for planning, development and design. From video tutorials and spreadsheets, through to editable worksheets and design templates.


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