The Brand Matchmaker series 

The collaboration marketing experts from Collabosaurus and creative strategists from Idiello have partnered up for a series of resources to help brands pull off successful collabs that are win-win.

Here’s why collaboration marketing is the bee’s knees.

Gin and tonic. Netflix and chill. Ben and Jerry. Some things are even better when they’re together. And when two like-minded businesses partner up and join forces? Well that’s when the real magic happens.

Collaborations are 25 times less expensive than digital advertising, and businesses who band together, cross-promote and collaborate can double their reach and halve their costs. Talk about the dream combination for small businesses. 

Clever and purpose-driven collaboration marketing paves the way for greater awareness, engagement, credibility and a clearer positioning of your brand. This series of resources - which are all collaborations in themselves - will teach you how to create a dream collab for your own brand.


Meet the collaboration marketing dream team.

Jess Ruhfus

The CEO of brand matchmaking platform Collabosaurus, Jess has helped more than 7000 brands run powerful marketing collabs. For Jess, a verified collaboration marketing expert, business collaborations are necessary to build a modern business, gain exposure in new locations and reach audiences in an authentic way.

Mia Fileman

With more than two decades experience working in marketing both across Australia and internationally, Mia has created and rolled out marketing campaigns for big brands like Kraft, BIC, L’Oreal and Witchery. Mia believes the future of business advantage lies in creativity, and now with Idiello she helps businesses challenge the norm, rise above the noise and stand out.

Alanah Purtell

Alanah has spent the past decade running shoe-string launches, large-scale campaigns and everything in between. Throughout her marketing career she witnessed how access to top-tier marketing campaigns was reserved for big business, and decided that needed to change. Together with Mia, she co-founded Idiello, making it possible for every brand to run purpose-driven marketing.

Explore the Idiello x Collabosaurus Brand Matchmaker series

The Idiello X Collabosaurus Brand Matchmaker series includes a range of resources so anyone can learn how to create their own brand collaboration, and roll out a kick-ass collaboration marketing campaign

Get started with collaboration marketing

Start here if you're just dipping your toe into the collaboration marketing water. 


Discover readymade campaign ideas

Run your own collaborative marketing campaign with one of these agency-grade ideas.


Learn to run your own brand collaboration

This Tactical Masterclass will teach you how to run your own collaboration marketing campaign.


Getting started with collaboration marketing

  • Start with your goals. Get clear on what you are trying to achieve with your collab. E.g Increase your reach? Grow your database? Target a new audience?
  • Define your perfect match, and Collabosaurus will take care of matching you with a suite of brands that fit your brief.
  • Make a list of what you can offer in exchange remembering that there are plenty of currencies other than cash, including a juicy email list, engaged social media audience, or a sought-after skill.


In this free webinar, Mia and Jess share their 5 steps for coming up with a creative marketing idea for your next collaboration. 

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On this special episode of the Stop, Collaborate and Listen podcast, Jess, Lana and Mia share their tips and tricks for successful collaborative marketing.

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This free digital toolkit is brimming with tips and brainstorming ideas for creating your own collaborating during the pandemic.

Download Now

Readymade campaign ideas for collaboration marketing

The Matchmaker Series includes three agency-grade Campaign Playbooks to guide your next brand collab. Discover the jam packed digital guides below. 

For service brand collaborations

Grow your service based business with a match made in heaven. 

For content that doubles your reach

Reach a new audience, overcome your weak spots, and build credibility.

For powerful brand collaborations

Boost awareness and sales by partnering with your natural enemy. 

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How to use brand collaboration to double your reach

From teeny tiny side-hustlers, through to the likes of Barbie and Microsoft, brand collaborations have proven to be an unbelievably powerful marketing tool for every brand.

This online course delivered over 6 weeks will teach you the A to Z of collaboration marketing. There are weekly real-time virtual sessions and personalised feedback so by the end of the masterclass, you’ll have created your very own collaboration marketing campaign, ready to roll out and knock the socks off people.


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