Custom Idea Kits

A creative idea built just for your brand.

Brief us on your project and our strategists will create an Idea Kit just for you. Your kit includes an original creative solution, a step-by-step implementation guide and all the resources you need to execute your idea.



How it works

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Submit our Custom Idea Kit Questionnaire and we will respond with a quote. If you’re happy, we will send you a template brief and organise a 1-on-1 strategy call to make sure we have all the info we need to get started.

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Our Creative Strategists will get to work building a creative idea to meet your brief and designing a custom execution toolkit with all the trimmings.

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Once your Idea Kit is complete we will package it up for you and organise another 1-on-1 strategy call to talk through your idea and discuss any questions.


A Custom Idea Kit with all the trimmings.

Your package contains:

  • 2 x strategy consultations (1-on-1 video call, up to 60 minutes per call)

  • Custom creative idea booklet (e-reader, PDF download and printed copy)

  • Case studies and research

  • Step-by-step execution guide

  • Implementation strategy

  • Tools and resources

  • Exclusive creative licensing

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Our Creative Strategists take a deep dive.

We approach your custom project exactly like we would a client brief back in agency land. Once we’ve been through your written brief in detail and had our first call to go over some of the finer details, we immerse ourselves in your brand and market. This is our ‘discovery’ phase where we arm ourselves with all the research and knowledge we require to move into the ideation phase.

From here two Creative Strategists will undertake a series of brainstorming sessions to come up with an original creative concept.

Once we’ve devised your modern yet strategic over-arching idea, we set about outlining the steps you should take to nail the execution. We fully arm you with all the examples (if they exist), tools, resources and pro tips you may need.


Marketing campaigns for just a fraction of the cost of industry standard.

You can expect to pay an easy $250 AUD per hour to sit down with a Creative Strategist at an agency and anywhere upwards of $5000 AUD for a single creative campaign idea. We know this because, well, that used to be us. Our experienced team have spent careers in agencies coming up with creative strategies for the big guys.

Here at Idiello our custom Idea Kits start at just $1500 AUD. You’ll not only get the creative concept with exclusive licensing, you’ll get a comprehensive guide to execution and all the tools to make it happen; something that you’ll never get in an industry standard creative strategy project.

+ Why do custom kits cost so much more than subscriber kits?

Our strategists pour a lot of time into building each and every one of our ideas. However, subscriber kits are crowd funded. We are able to keep them cost-effective by removing any licensing exclusivity for individual brands. Custom kits on the other hand are all yours. By the time we deliver a custom Idea Kit our strategy team will have invested 20+ hours into designing a creative idea just for you.

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To provide you with a quote we need some info about you and your brand. Fill out our questionnaire below and submit, and we will respond with a quote within 48 hours.