“I’m Too Busy”

So you’ve found an idea that would be great for you, but you’re convinced you are TOOOOOOO busy to try it.

We understand it can be overwhelming to throw your precious time behind a new idea, so we’ve pulled together this quick little resource with our favourite ways to overcome being “too busy”, so you can make sure your brand continues to execute good, creative marketing each month.

Hire a VA

We’ve given you a step by step guide for each marketing idea, which means you can enlist the help of a second set of hands who can help roll it out. Virtual Assistants are total pro’s at following instructions and getting task work done - and they can be SUPER affordable.

Depending on which direction you go, you might find that your VA ends up doing your admin work freeing you up to focus on the marketing part, or you might find they are the perfect person to roll out a social media promo for you!

Check out online platforms such as Upwork, Tasks Everyday, Fiverr, or search for a local, independent VA keen to help! I assure you they are everywhere.


If you could afford to outsource all of your marketing to a consultant or marketing agency I’m sure you would. But it can be CRAZY expensive to pay for that kind of skill set. They also won’t ever know your brand or your customers as well as you do, however outsourcing implementation might be the answer if you find an idea kit you think is perfect for you! Because you are bringing the plan with you, you will have saved yourself the thousands of dollars you would have paid them to come up with a strategy and will only have to pay for their time to implement.

There’s lots of independent marketing freelancers who are less pricey than big name agencies and would be super happy to help you out. We are working on compiling some of the consultants we have worked with (and loved), but in the meantime have a look in your local area, online, or (if you’re a subscriber) ask around in your closed ‘Idiello Crowd’ Facebook group.


A problem shared is a problem halved. If you know someone locally who is also an Idiello member (or that you would like to refer) why don’t you work together to roll out an idea? Not only will you get to share the glory, you can share the workload. If you’re a subscriber we recommend reaching out to some of the other members in your closed ‘Idiello Crowd’ Facebook group and seeing if you can get a collab rolling!

Make time

At the end of the day, we really don’t care how many times you say you are “too busy”, it’s just not good enough. Give your brand the attention it needs to thrive or say bye-bye business! You need to reassess you priority list and block out time each week to focus on building your brand. We frequently release time saving hacks on our social media and one of them might be just the hack you need to streamline your day. Check them out in our Instagram Story Highlights @theidiellogirl

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