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Stop planning posts based on a need to post. Start planning posts based on specific goals.


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By Mia Fileman

Social media is great.

But boy do we see a heck-of-a-lot of small brands using it all wrong.

We see brands showing up to their socials day after day with content that simply won’t achieve any real traction. It’s posting for the sake of posting. It’s content that doesn’t lead anywhere.

Social media gurus regularly advise you to post twice a day, every day, and to use the full suite of the platform’s tools including stories, IGTV, DM, PM, comments, groups, messenger, stickers, filters, hashtags, paid posts, @mentions and follows (🤯).

Advice like this is leading to social media slavery for brands. It becomes all-consuming. You end up prioritising quantity over quality and your audience get sick of seeing your bullsh*t in their feeds. (It’s also not the right advice for everybody… read our 5 reasons you don’t need to post daily here)

So, do yourself a favour and stop planning posts based on a need for posts to “feed the beast” and start planning posts based on actual goals.

Remember those? They’re the ones that will actually help you grow your business. Things like driving traffic to your website, or building your email list so you can nurture those leads into customers, or cultivating some social proof and credibility, or getting people talking about you. 

This brings us to our core ethos here at Idiello (drum-roll)…


All marketing should be purpose-driven.

There is no point saturating your Insta profile with content day after day if you’re not thinking about what you’re hoping each and every post is going to achieve for you (hint: “getting lots of likes” is a really terrible goal that doesn’t actually help with your marketing - read why here).


If your goal is this…try that

We want to make it super simple for you to get your content strategy on track, so we reached out to a legit social media specialist, Nicole Minter to get share some actionable tips on creating purposeful social media content.

If your goal is… website traffic
Try… taster content

Getting visitors to your site is naturally one of the most common marketing goals, so that prospective customers may browse the shelves, sign up to your e-newsletter and add you to their consideration set (or better yet, shopping cart 🙌).

Don’t underestimate a humble blog post for achieving that goal. Write a story, share some insights, compile a case study and post it to your website blog. Then create a social media post with a taster of that blog post and drive people to your site to read the rest.

Pro tip: Chop up the blog post into several social media posts; this will provide several days worth of valuable content rather than just one. This is how we do it at Idiello, we share a snippet each day with a call to action like “you can read ahead at any time by heading to the link in bio”.

If your goal is… building your email list
Try… a high-value resource

You do not own your social media followers. Even though they may follow you, they still only see a fraction of your content, and you can’t actually know if they will ever be your customer (or if they just like your pretty pictures).

You do however, own your email list and it’s valuable because email is intimate, personalised and practically free.

A high-value giveaway is a tried and tested way of building your email list. Pull together an e-book, free tool or resource, and make it deliverable/downloadable via email - then all your audience has to do to receive it is fill in their details.

How does this tie back to your social content? You can create an entire suite of posts related to the theme of your high value resource and promote the giveaway via your social channels.
Example: 10 lessons in launching your online course

Pro tip: Idiello is excited to offer a Tactical Masterclass in lead generation marketing: How to attract and convert new customers in your sleep. Learn the fundamentals of designing and running a potent sales funnel, including how to build a killer lead magnet resource, your very own catalogue of ready-to-roll-out marketing emails and how to set up an automated workflow. 

If your goal is… exposure
Try… relationship footprints

Earning publicity for your brand is marketing gold. It builds much needed social proof and establishes you as the genuine article. Use social media to build relationships with outlets you want to be featured in.

Start with a little bit of reconnaissance (what sort of content do they usually find interesting?).

Build a bank of your own content that talks directly to them, their work and the parts of your brand that you think will garner their interest.

Get on their radar by commenting and sharing on their posts, but also coming up with some clever reasons to tag them in your own.

Pro tip: Featuring on a podcast is another brilliant way to gain exposure for your brand. Podcasts are long-form discussions that go a long way to building affinity with an audience. Want to land a podcast interview? Idiello will coach you through to showtime with the Tactical Masterclass on Earned Media.


If your goal is… memorability / remaining top-of-mind
Try… being bookmark worthy

Potential customers may not need you immediately, but you want to make sure they keep you in mind for when they do. To achieve this goal with your social media, share “bookmark worthy” posts on your channels.

This is content that is “saved” for later and the Facebook and Instagram algorithms friggin’ love them. Forget likes and follows, which are just vanity metrics, and instead focus on saves and shares.

So what content is bookmark worthy?

  • Valuable advice

  • Lists

  • Actionable tips

  • Tool recommendations

  • Insights and facts

  • Quotes

  • Original memes


Example posts:

  • You only have 2 hours to spend on your business this week, what do you do?

  • 5 traditional marketing techniques that you should still be using

  • A 5-step agency method for coming up with a brand name

  • Writing tips mini series

Pro tip: Don’t ask, don’t get. Write in your post “save for later” to remind them it’s even possible, and watch those bookmark stats grow!

Putting a purpose-driven strategy into practice

Nicole Minter shares this simple and practical advice;

“Choose 3-5 marketing goals and then create 3-5 posts that achieve those goals and do that for a week. Then do that every week for the month, and just like that you have a month’s worth of content that is actually driving your business forward.”

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